About Fraud prevention

The Plati.Online system is committed to protect the customer’s information and to actively fight against fraud. The development of the PlatiOnline.ro system began in May 2002, with the mission of providing the most secure and reliable payment solutions for merchants around the world, and their customers.

In order to accomplish this target, C Solution. S.R.L. dedicates important resources  for a strong infrastructure and adheres to its own internal strict security policy- ARGUS, to the industry-specific security initiatives  – PCI DSS, and to multiple government security initiatives.

Building on the vast experience in the anti-fraud protection field, Plati Online has developed the ARGUS system for online fraud detection and prevention, which is continually optimized for specific fields of activity.

With Plati.Online from C-Solution, the customers will trust that their data is secure. Our system uses state of the art technologies and protocols from the field, such as the  SSL Extended Validation security certificates.

Adhering to  PCI DSS: PCI DSS  certificate offered by TrustWave February 11th 2009.

Certificate Number: 14E2-07FF-F0CC-5066.

Even compared to the most professional payment service providers, who have an anti-fraud department that closely follows every transaction using advanced detection algorithms, our system is safer. Many of our customers faced difficulties with the previous payment service provider, losing numerous transactions due to an imperfect fraud detection system.

Our studies show that half of our transactions are declined through the anti-fraud protection algorithms, which can be prevented through manual filtering. We have many employees that are professionals in this field, who can make the difference between the legitimate customers and the fraudulent ones, so that a large number of transaction can be finalized.