Cash payment at the Romanian Post

We want your business to flourish, so we constantly adapt to your needs.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have enabled a new way of collecting the amounts owed for invoices and online orders. We are talking about the payment processing service through the Romanian Post (Poșta Română) network, which C Solution released in February 2012.

You will be able to offer to your customers the possibility to pay the equivalent value of their purchases and their invoices directly at the counter the Romanian Post Office, using cash, in a simple, easy and fast manner. The customers will receive online, via e-mail and SMS text, all the required information to finalize the payment and the company will be informed about the status of the transaction.

The new payment method is complementary to the online payment using credit/debit cards and is addressed to customers who prefer to pay using cash, for their bills, online shopping or services.

The service aims to streamline the processing system for cash payments, and to improve the merchant-customer relationship, in maximum conditions of confidence, professionalism and safety.

How does the new service work

After placing the order on the website, the customer can choose to make the payment through the Post Office, selecting the “cash payment at the Post Office desk” option that is found on the order form.

The PlatiOnline system will immediately display the payment form, sending the page with the barcode to the customer, via an e-mail and SMS text. With this printed form, the customer can present themselves to the Post Office, where they can pay using cash.

The PlatiOnline system will register the payments daily, between 2 PM and 5 PM, after which the companies are automatically notified – through the ITSN service (Instant Transaction Status Notification) – about the settled transactions, in order to start shipping the products or to provide the required services that were ordered by the customers.

The benefits for the merchants

» Constant monitoring of the transaction status

After placing the order, the transaction will have the “pending charge through the Romanian Post Office” status, until the payment will be finalized.
The customer has 4 calendar days to make the payment. Otherwise, the order will become inactive and the transaction will change its status to “Expired”.

» Quick Payment Notification

When the payment of the order will be registered, the transaction will immediately change its status to “Charged”. The ITSN service will notify the company automatically about this change, so they can send the ordered product or provide the service.

The benefits for the customers

» Easy-to-use PO (PlatiOnline) user interface

The order form contains the “Payment at the counter of the Romanian Post Office” field, which can be selected by customers who prefer this type of payment. After checking this option, our system will display the payment form.

» Simplicity when paying

The PO (PlatiOnline) system will send to the customers, both by SMS and email, the barcode that needs to be printed. The payment will be made at the Post Office counter, which only requires the page with the printed barcode, without needing to fill out any additional form.

»  Confirmation of registered payment

After paying the amount, the customer will be informed by SMS that PO (PlatiOnline) has registered the payment. Subsequently, the order will be sent out, according to the terms and conditions agreed upon with the merchant.