PlatiOnline for Magento 2

About PlatiOnline

Since 2002, PlatiOnline has been at the forefront of delivering superior services to e-commerce platforms. The Magento 2.0  x PlatiOnline Payment Module is one of the most efficient, cost effective and secure Integrated Online Payments Processing Platforms for Romanian e-commerce websites that use the latest Magento platform.
The service allows customers to make a purchase effortlessly, by using their Visa and MasterCard  credit/debit cards and with online banking information.
The purchase is instantly confirmed to the merchant, which allows for instant delivery of goods and services.

Why should you choose the PlatiOnline module for the Magento 2 platform?

The latest version of the popular e-commerce platform Magento 2 was released in April of 2017 and businesses using it couldn’t be more happier. Magento 2 is getting rave reviews from tech insiders, software critics, and just about every business that has migrated to this newer version. But there’s just one problem.


There is no payment support for Romanian e-commerce websites

The all new Magento 2.0 version has tight integrations with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree,, and CyberSource, which weren’t previously supported. But there’s just one problem. There is no payment module made specifically for the Romanian market. This is where our PlatiOnline payment module comes in.

We are offering a fully integrated solution for merchants who want to do business in Romania and the EU.

Previous versions of Magento are to be discontinued by 2018

The reason why Magento 2.0  is a significant upgrade is because from 2018, all support for previous versions of Magento are going to be discontinued. This puts many e-commerce merchants, especially those in Romania in a bit of a bind.
Since Magento 2.x is the latest version and is completely different from its previous iterations, compatible payments modules for the RO and EU markets have not yet been developed.

Experience the most flexible payment option for Romanian e-commerce

Get set up in no time!

Payment gateways are extremely needed in order to place an order. The process should be easy for the clients of merchants and should be able to save them time, as well.
At PlatiOnline, our decade of experience tells us that payment problems, which merchants may encounter, are rooted in code. This is why we obsessively seek out ways to create flexible and elegant integrations for e-commerce websites, by eliminating needless complexity and extraneous details.
This makes it possible for merchants to easily integrate and develop with our payment gateway,  in a matter of minutes.

  • DIY (do it yourself) Merchants can install our module very easy. Starting with 11.11.2017, the module is available online for FREE on the PlatiOnline Magento MarketPlace website;
  • PlatiOnline offers free setup of the Magento payment module into the merchant’s website.

Exceptionally Fast, Cloud-Based Integrated Online Payment Management System

Our cloud-based integrated online payment management system provides a fast, reliable and secure trading platform, which offers both dedicated online management solutions for bank payment cards and alternative online payment operations, as well as customized reporting for online businesses. In this way, PlatiOnline’s payment gateway makes online purchasing a breeze.

How it works?

PlatiOnline will charge a fee for each settled transaction. To see specific pricing and offer, please fill in the online form. PlatiOnline will wire the settled amount to the merchant’s account, on a weekly basis.

Summary of Services

The PlatiOnline integrated e-commerce merchant services include:

  • Online interface with full-service management and reporting platform for online sales;
  • EU companies registered;
  • Multi-currency accounts EUR, USD and RON;
  • SEPA payments;
  • 3D secure standards (MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa) reliable and secure online payment processing solutions;
  • CVV2/CVC2 verification;
  • Proprietary powerful anti-fraud system – PlatiOnline Argus;
  • PCI DSS Level 1 – Merchant Services Provider certification;
  • SSL Extended Validation (Secure Socket Layer) security certificates;
  • PayLink & PayButton Options – fast & simple payment link creation directly from our platform/ideal for easy integration of payment buttons on any website and/or for push marketing campaign messaging;
  • Online credit card installments with zero interest;
  • Recurring card payments;
  • One-click login and pay card payments;
  • Offline cash collection at Romanian Post Office & Raiffeisen Bank branches.


Summary of Features

The features of the PlatiOnline transactions include:

  • Authorize only – Payment info is sent to customer’s bank to check the owner and available funds. The funds are kept in the customer’s bank account until the merchant makes a request to receive payment;
  • Capture (Authorized transactions) – Once funds are authorized, merchants can capture the amounts using the online interface;
  • Sale (Authorize only & Capture) – The same as Authorize only, but the customer’s money will be transferred immediately to the merchant’s bank account, so they do not need to wait or settle it manually;
  • Void – After the payment has been authorized, merchants can directly void the payment using the online interface, so it will be released and not settled;
  • Full and partial refund – Merchants can issue refunds to customers from the online interface, ensuring customers will get their money back.


The Future of the PlatiOnline Magento 2 Module

We are working on:

  • Extending module options for more online payment options like crypto currencies;
  • Extending module options for Login with;
  • Two factor authentication system.


Get Our Robust and Modular Payment Module for the Magento 2 Marketplace Today!

Most e-commerce merchants are quickly migrating to Magento 2 because previous versions will no longer be supported after 2017. However, many of them are also migrating quickly because it makes sense to access all these amazing features that come preloaded with Magento 2.

As an e-commerce merchant, instead of waiting until the last moment to migrate your data, PlatiOnline provides you with a reliable payment option for RO and EU markets so that you can make the change and reap the benefits.