The Offer for Partners

Web developers, web hosting companies, system integrators or companies that work with clients-merchants can become partners in the Plati.Online system.

We want to promote e-commerce solutions among partners that want to expand their offer to current customers. In exchange, Plati.Online offers partners a commission when enrolling.

The program allows for the registering of new merchants, allows for account management and consultation of detailed reports.

The affiliates earn money each time they enroll new merchants to the Plati.Online System.

Periodically, they will receive the revenue from commissions from each individual website, via bank transfer. Affiliates can connect to the management interface to view all merchant that are associated with the account and to check the respective amounts that are owed to them.

Apply now for your Developer / Partner account and take advantage of the entire range of Plati.Online services necessary for the development of e-commerce businesses.


Promoting the solution

  • The solutions of the partners will be promoted directly through the Plati.Online portal.


Affiliate program

  • The merchants that will that will use the PlatiOnline services, through the offer of the partners and developers, will generate revenue in the accounts of the affiliates.
    This way, PlatiOnline intends to establish a B2B (Business to business) type relationship with its partners and developers, by choosing the Plati.Online services for their customers.


Free customer support

  • Plati.Online offers direct technical support through phone or live chat, for integrating and using the options of the interface in the merchant account.
    Once the free merchant account has been made, the company will also offer a CMessenger free user account, which can be used to communicate with the departments of the company, in any day and at any hour.


Benefits and advantages

  • Free access to the interface for managing and monitoring online sales, as well as access to available online reports;
  • Outsourcing of resource consuming activities (people, time, money) at greatly reduced costs;
  • E-commerce and online marketing consulting.