Case Study for the PlatiOnline Magento 2 Payment Module

PlatiOnline Magento 2 Online Payment Module

PlatiOnline Payment Gateway is more in line with the needs of merchants than any other online payment service!

Here’s where we get to brag about how PlatiOnline shines as the ideal payment module for the Magento 2 upgrade. E-payment systems are frequently used by merchants for buying and selling goods or services offered through the Internet. Manvi is a fashion website for women that was in need of a reliable and safe payment system for their updated website. The online store has a big presence in the Romanian and EU markets and was looking for a payment system for their e-commerce website, which was just updated using the latest Magento 2 platform. The owner soon discovered that there were no payment processing services for the Romanian and EU markets. This is when the e-commerce business turned to us, PlatiOnline.

Main Concerns of

Tight Deadline

Our client approached us while already in process of updating their e-commerce channels on a tight deadline. The client built the online store using the latest Magento 2 platform and was in search for a reliable Romanian/local payment provider to accept online payments using the RON and EUR currencies. The client’s goal was also to achieve the best user experience possible, without the need to have their web servers and systems evaluated for PCI compliance.

Ease of Use

PlatiOnline’s payment module is easy to use. PlatiOnline redirects cc holders to our page, where the purchase process is completed within minutes.

Security Concerns

Security is a big concern these days, when it comes to carrying out online transactions. That is why PlatiOnline’s team has left no stone unturned to provide merchants with a payment system that operates under strict security guidelines and uses the latest and secure technologies, adding an extra layer of security for the safety of our clients. Our security features include: SecureCode, Verified by Visa 3D secure standards, PCI DSS Level 1 – Merchant Services Provider certification, SSL Extended Validation (Secure Socket Layer) security certificates and the PlatiOnline proprietary anti-fraud system – Argus.

Get a Robust, Reliable and Affordable Online Payment Management System in 10 Steps:

After they filled in an easy online form, we got down to business.


  • Step-1: We created the demo payment account;
  • Step-2: We asked the merchant to create a full backup of their website and database
  • Step-3: The merchant confirmed the successful backup of their website and data and provided us access to his website for installation and configuration;
  • Step-4: Our engineers then integrated the module and tested all the possible payments and security features for a secure communication between PlatiOnline and the servers of the merchant;
  • Step-5: We asked the merchant to test the system, to find out if they were satisfied;
  • Step-6: The merchant was delighted and approved our work, and we signed a digital contract to seal the deal;
  • Step-7: We asked the merchant to publish all necessary info so that it complies with Visa and MasterCard standards;
  • Step-8: But, work was not done yet. To assure optimum performance of PlatiOnline, we installed the production payment account;
  • Step-9: The payment module was than re-tested to make sure it was working perfectly;
  • Step-10: The Merchant is LIVE;


PlatiOnline merchant payment system is a trusted source for any online merchant website. Because having an online payment module is mandatory for the business model of a successful fashion website, we consider the PlatiOnline Magento 2 payment module to be your best option.


What is PlatiOnline able to deliver:

  • speed and trustworthiness, while also reducing bank commission charges
  • It is quick, secure, easy, ideal for online commerce
  • It has support for the RON and EUR currencies
  • Free to sign up