PostaPanduri – National Network of Smart-lockers Pick-up Points

Today on PlatiOnline, we will review one of the amazing services offered by PostaPanduri – provider of innovative delivery solutions that takes the hassle out of the equation when delivering orders for both businesses and customers.
We offer the Click & Collect service that allows you to manage and deliver products ordered from your online store.

Customers shopping online for their favorite product get the benefit of choosing between home/door delivery or to have their package delivered to the nearest pick-up point, which PostaPanduri calls Smart-lockers Pick-up Point.

Understanding the Concept and Importance of Pick-up Points

Timely delivery in the most convenient way possible is the key to success for online businesses today. When it comes to online shopping, customers put a great deal of emphasis on products being delivered to their doorstep, in the least amount of time possible. Since speed and flexibility are of essence for the delivery of products, this has given rise to a relatively newer concept, known as pick-up points.

Pick-up points delivery solutions are an alternative to home delivery that allow online businesses to overcome constraints associated with today’s logistics and supply chain management. We offer the advantage of flexibility to consumers, allowing them to get their orders delivered at a secure collection point that is generally near their location.
These collection points have automatic lockers, which are similar to a safety-deposit box, where the package is dropped and collected at whatever time is suitable for the customer.

How the PostaPanduri Smart-lockers Pick-up Point System Works

The Smart-lockers Pick-up Point service works on a simple model. A pick-up point is selected that is within easy reach for a majority of people residing in a particular area.
The PostaPanduri team installs a Smart-locker, which is accessible by everyone who places an order online and chooses Smart-lockers Pick-up Point as the delivery method.
The potential pick-up points include retail stores, commercial office buildings, post offices and major residential complexes, among others.

After the package has been delivered to the pick-up point, the customer receives a message via text or email, providing a unique pickup code and details about the delivery, notifying them that they can obtain the package from the selected Smart-lockers.

Benefits for Customers

Here are all the reasons why the SmartLockers Pick-up Point service is a great option for customers:

  • Suitable for people who are always on the go and don’t know when they will be at home to receive the package delivery;
  • The delivery program of a regular courier company does not match your specifications;
  • Makes it easy for busy people to pick up the package, whenever they have time;
  • Reduces the chances of delays in delivery, due to the package being delivered at the wrong address

Benefits for PostaPanduri Partners

If you are an online business and decide to become a PostaPanduri partner, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customers will prefer your online store as it is a more flexible and convenient option for them;
  • Your logistics expenses will be significantly reduced;
  • It will become easier for your staff to make deliveries, and also in a timely manner;
  • It will make the entire delivery system more efficient and cost-effective;

So, what are you waiting for? Become a PlatiOnline – PostaPanduri partner today and enjoy the multitude of benefits it has to offer for your online business.