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Credit Card Payments – A Full Range of Ecommerce Services under One Platform

PlatiOnline is among the leading e-commerce and online payment solutions provider in Romania and EU, offering high-quality, secured services to a large customer base. With PlatiOnline’s services, you can integrate an optimized online sales management system that makes handling different aspects of your e-commerce store easy, as well as provide a high level of protection against online threats. If you are wondering why you should choose PlatiOnline as your trusted partner, here is everything you need to know about its services and benefits that you can enjoy, if you choose it:

Unique PlatiOnline Features for Secure Transactions

If you opt for PlatiOnline services, you will be able to benefit from the following transaction features:

  • The Authorization Only (Pre-Auth) feature allows you send the transaction’s payment info to your customer’s bank in order to check whether they have enough money on their card to pay for the ordered products. This fund is required to be kept in the customer’s bank account, until the payment has been received.
  • The Capture feature allows you to capture the funds that have been previously authorized, so that you can capture the amount of money using PlatiOnline’s online interface.
  • With the Sale feature, the authorized transaction is completed as you receive the payment in your bank account, saving time and effort spent in waiting or capturing the payment manually.
  • You also have the option to directly Void the payment in question after it has been authorized using the PlatiOnline’s online interface, in order to release it, instead of capturing the payment.
  • You have the option of issuing full or partial Refunds to your customers, from the online interface. You can rest assured the refund will be made in a timely manner, once you have issued it.
  • You can Query the status of any transaction by using the transaction id or merchant order number;
  • You can use the Query by Date option to receive the list of transactions;
  • You can automatically synchronize the order status with the payment status in real time with our ITSN service – Instant Status Transaction Notification.

Benefits of PlatiOnline Credit Card Payments Services

Online merchants enjoy a wide range of benefits when they choose PlatiOnline as their partner for online payment services:

  • Multi-currency accounts in RON, USD and EUR;
  • EU registered companies;
  • PayButton and PayLink options to help integrate payment buttons for push marketing on any website;
  • Integration with mobile apps;
  • 3D secure standards, including Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode for highly secured payment processing;
  • Recurring card payments;
  • Installments for credit card payments with zero interest rate – Banca Transilvania, Raiffeisen Bank, BRD Finance, Alpha Bank and OTP;
  • ARGUS – PlatiOnline’s proprietary anti-fraud engine;
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certification, ensuring the highest level of security;
  • CVV2/CVC2 verification;
  • SSL Extended Validation security certificates;

Options Available with PlatiOnline Merchant Accounts

When you decide to become a partner merchant with PlatiOnline, you have 3 terminal account options at your disposal:

  • Required 3D Secure: The 3D Secure test is performed for every transaction, and the payment process is stopped, if it is not supported;
  • Optional 3D Secure: The 3D Secure test is conducted whenever a bank supports it, however, the payment is still accepted if 3D Secure is not supported;
  • Off: This means that you have disabled the option of checking for 3D Secure support.

Want to get more insights into PlatiOnline and its services? You should apply for a demo merchant account, to login and try for yourself the many benefits that PlatiOnline has to offer to its merchants. You can also get in touch with us today, for more information about us and our services.