Smart City Pachetomat® Concept

Amid the actual worldwide crisis, most purchases are made online. City dwellers have an advantage here because they have multiple delivery options. COVID-19 has made it clear that in rural communities courier logistics infrastructure leaves much to be desired.

Our solution? A multifunctional Smart City Pachetomat® for villages, communes or small towns.

 The upward trend of e-commerce

With the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, more and more people have turned to online commerce for obvious reasons. And this change of perspective will not be altered by the end of the crisis. Most of those who were used to buying online, plus those who have now caught the online shopping taste, said they expect to buy online either more (60%) or at least at the same level (33%) as before the pandemic. Those who now order online are looking for new ways to deliver products that are safe, convenient and especially do not involve human contact. This sudden change in consumer behavior has rapidly increased the development and implementation of various e-commerce services tailored to current market needs.

It should be noted here that while online orders have reached unprecedented levels during this period, the delivery of ordered products is a challenge for both merchants and courier companies. And if the urban population is somewhat favored in this regard, having multiple options to take possession of ordered products, we can not say the same about those in rural areas or those living in small towns, delivery options here being extremely limited.

Challenges of deliveries in rural areas

The delivery in Panduri Post Pachetomats® or other smart locker networks was becoming increasingly popular even before the crisis, but during this period it actually exploded. The inhabitants of the big cities take full advantage of the Pachetomats, where they have them at hand. But what happens in low-density localities? They cannot benefit from Pachetomats and the advantages they offer, the nearest Pachetomat being perhaps tens of miles from their home. A drive to the nearest Pachetomat, the request of a neighbor or friend who run some errands in the area or any other way to take possession of the packages stored in the Pachetomat, cancels virtually all its benefits: speed, efficiency, cost and lack of human interaction .


Poșta Panduri Proposal – A Multipurpose Smart City Pachetomat for villages, communes or small towns.


We believe that not only the inhabitants of urban agglomerations must benefit from the latest innovations in the technological field, but also the rural environment deserves our special attention. Thus, our proposal for villages, communes or small towns is the Smart City Pachetomat®, a multifunctional concept that can be located or can replace any station of public transport in rural areas.

A Smart City Pachetomat® combines the advantages of a Pachetomat® delivery point with the protection it offers to those waiting for a bus. Specifically, a Smart City Pachetomat is a modular mobile construction of container type, with a roof, which has a closed enclosure for the delivery or commercial services and an open enclosure for those waiting for the bus, minibus or other vehicles intended for passenger transport.

The closed enclosure has a controlled atmosphere, so heat-sensitive products can be delivered here. This includes:

  • Posta Panduri Pachetomat® where customers can pick up their orders online from
  • ATMs for financial operations
  • Vending machine


Through this concept, and Poșta Panduri help small communities, providing them with a modern means, a state-of-the-art innovation in the field of deliveries, to complement the online ordering process.

Because from now on, online commerce, through both its components, online ordering and delivery, is no longer just a luxury but a necessity!