Cătălin Maftei, C Solution: The evolution of the courier market in Romania will change the current hierarchy, in the following years.

C Solution, one of the most dynamic Romanian software companies, participated between October 8 and 9 at the “Internet & Mobile World 2014” event, being the most important “business to business” event in our country that is dedicated to digital, mobile and software solutions. Hosted by Romexpo, Internet & Mobile World 2014 brought together over 120 companies and was visited by more than 6,500 specialists that were interested in the latest news in this field.

C Solution was present at the event as both exhibitor and Online Payments Partner of the Internet & Mobile World 2014, a recognition of over 12 years of experience in the field of payments and eCommerce.

Also, Cătălin Maftei, C Solution CEO & Founder, was invited as a speaker at the “Driving Sales in a Connected World” discussion panel, along with other eCommerce specialists from Romania: Adrian Grigori – Urgent Cargus Sales national director, Alex Cârcei – Copimaj CEO, Laurenţiu Ghenciu – VP Avangate and Radu Vîlceanu – CEO & Founder of ContentSpeed.

At the meeting, which was moderated by Wall Street chief editor Claudiu Vrânceanu, the hottest topics regarding the eCommerce field, but also its related fields, were brought up: the delivery and courier systems, mobile applications as well as the market approaching and positioning in the eCommerce sphere of the main players.



Cătălin Maftei, C Solution CEO & Founder, pointed out that in the context of the current and future delivery market in Romania, the major courier service companies will face a close competition, especially due to new software solutions that will mitigate the technological gap that currently exists among those in the Top 5 and the rest of the market.

“The Romanian courier service market will have a strong dynamic in the following years, meaning that the most important players will feel the automation, of which companies that so far acted locally or regionally because they did not have the technological power to expand will benefit from it.

The most recent applications launched will allow small companies to access new markets and expand their customer base, which will lead to better competition and, ultimately, better service to end customers. I do not exclude the possibility of at least one of the local courier service companies to attack the national market head-on and to become extremely efficient, especially if it chooses the path of organic development that is supported by technologically and informational support that is perfectly calibrated to the size of the business.

The dynamics of the courier service market and the natural expansion of the Romanian market will change the current hierarchy in the following years. Those who will not follow the new trends will be marginalized by both customers and online stores”, said Cătălin Maftei, C Solution CEO & Founder, at the Internet & Mobile World 2014 event.

Visitors of the C Solution stand, at the Internet & Mobile World 2014 event, which are mainly delivery companies and operators that work in the eCommerce field, had the opportunity to test, in real time, the solutions offered and to get a feedback quickly from those who designed and implemented PlatiOnline.ro, LivrariOnline.ro and AdministratorOnline.ro, solutions provided

by C Solution, which prove their usefulness and efficiency in the management of online stores or delivery companies, especially in the following period, when large sales volumes are estimated, for Black Friday and the Winter Holidays.

About C Solution

C Solution, the company which was founded by Cătălin Maftei in 2001, is the first in Romania to develop, from 2002, an online payment service dedicated to eCommerce websites – PlatiOnline.ro – and the first to offer, from 2013, a Cloud-based application for deliveries and cash on delivery type payments that is dedicated for courier service companies – LivrariOnline.ro.

AdministratorOnline.ro is the newest service offered by C Solution and is already considered as the best online customer support application in Romania, by those who use it.