New partnership with WEBECOM

PlatiOnline and Webecom became partners for the implementation of online payments using bank cards, to help the small and medium size companies that want a reliable, efficient and rapid payment method.

The PlatiOnline – Webecom partnership provides a complete solution for the acceptance of online payments.

Webecom eshop offer

Starting today, through the PlatiOnline-Webecom partnership, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Opening an online store that uses payments with the bank card, even within 5 days!
  • Using the Webeshop complete online store concept, specially designed for the Romanian market.
  • Free technical support (including the module), for all the Webeshop users.
  • Special prices when launching a new online store on the Webeshop platform that is equipped with the payment platform.
  • Promotional offer for all the Webeshop users that want to use our online payment platform.
  • Following our partnership with Webecom, PlatiOnline provided certification to offer a new compatible module with the PlatiOnline payment platform.

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About Webecom

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With „Digitalize your business” as a slogan, Webecom has been developing online stores for over 10 years, helping the entrepreneurs and the companies to launch and develop a business on the eCommerce market in Romania. With a portfolio of over 500 built online stores, Webecom provides complete solutions with support.