Recurring Payment Card Debit/Credit

Most automatic recurring credit card payments offer a world of convenience for customers, while providing various different benefits, to the merchants who use them. This is because the concept of E-billing, effectively guarantees that the overall process is to a great extent, simplified, leading to an increased cash flow, as well as a significant reduction of overall costs.
There are online businesses that can effectively utilize their many advantages with reference to recurring payments, via credit or debit cards.
Moreover, not just online companies, but also many other offline businesses can utilize this service for their own purposes. These include insurance companies, lawn care services, real world magazine subscriptions, utility service providers (such as TV cable, energy, and Internet service providers) to quote but a few. Here, the customer effectively has, the power to set up his own schedule of payments at specific intervals. These include monthly (or even, fortnightly) recurring payments, so that the payments are made on time, each and every time.
From the merchant’s point of view, there will no longer be any need to run around after tardy customers who make late payments all the time, or any reason to try and trace lost checks and also have expensive paper bills and invoices printed.
Use PlatiOnline recurring credit card billing to simplify the whole payment process.
We, at PlatiOnline, offer our recurring card service for both ‘RON EUR’ as well as USD. The first transaction is made under 3D standard (Verified By Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) when our customers agree to pay via recurring credit/debit card billing.
The next recurring payment is fully automated and on non 3d standards. Here, the merchant using our platform will get to decide the recurring time/date interval as well as the overall amount that they will charge their customers on the basis of each period.
Our recurring credit and debit card payment platforms are also fully equipped with an “instant transaction status notification system”, so that the merchants who use this system are able to receive recurring payment notification for every payment.

PlatiOnline ITSN service

Our 24/7 online ITSN services ensure that payment statuses and their corresponding orders are kept synchronized in real time, so that all the merchants using this platform can also effectively notify and/or deliver their products or service to their customers, accordingly.

Customer notification system

The PlatiOnline system is fully automated and programmed to send a reminder via email one day before the recurring charge period. This happens so that the customers get a ‘heads up’ and remember their order and get an update about the coming day’s charge on the credit or debit card that they have used to make their first payment.

Update payment link

If the end customer’s credit or debit card is about to expire, our system will notify the customer about the issue and inform them about the need to update the recurring payment with the particulars of the new card.
In many ways, the PlatiOnline system is quite simply the very best solution for recurring credit/debit card payments and is far superior to most other systems currently available anywhere else.